Friday, February 12, 2010

Craps Strategy


A good craps strategy is a combination of intelligent bankroll management, a keen understanding of the smart bets on the table, and a relaxed straightforward attitude towards playing. Learn each of these skills and you will be miles ahead of 95% of the players surrounding you. We will have a quick look at each of these components of a good strategy one at a time.

Intelligent bankroll management is essential to a well thought out craps strategy, because without it you have no way of knowing if your strategy is working for you. Bankroll management can be approached a number of ways. One of the best methods, but hardest to follow, is to set loss limits and to stick with them. Many times a player will settle down to play craps and bankroll themselves a hundred dollars. But, with a bad start, the money can disappear quite quickly, and so the player is tempted to increase their bankroll without much consideration. It is just as difficult to set walk away limits for wins, because when you’re winning, why leave? Try to set a loss limit for yourself long before you start playing, and keep this limit in mind leading up to and during play.